How To Become a Qualified TRX Instructor

Becoming a qualified TRX instructor is not that difficult to do. It is pretty straight forward and anyone that is a certified fitness instructor can sign up and take the TRX courses that TRXtraining has to offer. These courses are given on a very regular basis and pretty much anywhere in your area.

I will break down how simple it is to do this. First off there are 4 different types of course that they offer. They are the following:

  • Suspension Training Course
  • Functional Training Course
  • Group Training Course
  • Rip Trainer Course

how to become a qualified trx instructor

These professional education courses are all done live at an affiliated fitness studio or gym. They have a schedule on the website where they are continuously adding new dates. So if you do not see anything available yet in your area, do not worry too much. There will be courses in the near future.

They offer 8 hour courses that covers everything from how to properly use the TRX trainer to training individuals and also group work. You will be properly instructed on all the aspects of TRX, its functionality and the benefits that it has to offer. This way, as a fitness instructor, you are well informed and can pass this information on to your clients. TRX has grown in popularity over the past 3 years and I see many more people getting into and asking about it. Gyms are offering it but are struggling to keep up with the demand. There does not seem to be too many TRX instructors yet so this could be a great opportunity for you should you wish to expand your resume.

This video will demonstrate how to find TRX educational courses in your area and how to register for a class if it is available.

In order to check to see what is available in your State, simply visit and follow the instructions to see how to find a TRX Educational course in your town or city.



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