Suspension Revolution Review

SuspensionRevolutionReview is the number 1 source for TRX workouts and suspension exercises. Suspension training is an excellent form of working out as it engages all the muscles of your body when exercising resulting in a stronger core that leads to rapid results. We provide a resource for those starting out with suspension training or those that are well into it.

We regularly update our website with new and excellent suspension training workouts for your arms, legs, chest, back and abs so that you can add this to your current workout routine or create your own with the various workouts that we posts. All exercises are well explained with a demonstration video that takes you through each exercise that is easily to follow and to implement.


We also provide personal fitness trainers a resource on how to become TRX Qualified in order for personal trainers to be able to offer TRX as an option whether it is at the gym that they work at or if they offer private sessions. Suspension training has become very popular of the past 2 years and more and more people are getting into it. The beauty about suspension training is that you can take your straps anywhere you want. Train at home or get outside to the local park and hook up your suspension trainer to a tree or any firm obstacle like goal posts.

All your muscles are fully engaged and this gives you a stronger core. With a stronger core you will be able to lose weight, build muscle and get ripped much quicker than you would using traditional gym equipment.

Our mission is to provide all those that are interested in suspension training a portal where all the exercises are well categorized and easy to use. We help users to get the best from their training with daily tips. Click Here  For more information.

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